Saturday, 19 March 2011

Things got better

Ok, so after my little rant yesterday I felt a lot better and put it into perspective. Also, Reddit helped. Reddit always helps. And I realised that it was now kind of official. I imagine it was maybe on my medical record. I didnt think to check. But hell if I can summon up the courage to tell a doctor then I can be brave enough to just be myself.

So when my girlfriend got home and we chatted and I vented she took me upstairs and told me that she was suddenly very Ok with the whole thing. There are some issues that we will need to deal with in the future but she has decided to deal with them when we need to. She said she wouldn't even mind the hormones so much, and would still be proud to hold my hand in the street. This made me very happy.

Then after this chat she dug out some jeans she had when she was a little bigger (size 12) and gave them to me. I have a horrible personal image problem and I never expected to be able to fit into a size 12, but I did with plenty of room to spare. She also convinced me to go out and about in them. They weren't glaringly obvious that they were womens jeans but it wouldn't take much to see that they were. But no one cared. And that is what I need to remember. That generally no one will care.

So yea, not the most well written blog ever, but that's a short tale on how my birthday improved massively. Also, I figured out how to change my name so that it is slightly more feminine but pretty much the same. I am also less scared by the idea of occasionally presenting myself as a woman. So woo.

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  1. That's fantastic! That was really cool of her to do that. I'm happy for both of you. :)