Monday, 7 March 2011

Adventure starts here

I had two new years resolutions this year. One was to not be lame. The other was to go on more adventures.

I broke the first one within a day, but hey that's just who I am.  The second is not one that can be broken.

I've not had any adventures yet, but earlier today I started on a big one. I rang my local GP to book an appointment to talk to them about the possibility of myself having Gender Identity Disorder. I say possibility but I am pretty sure, although I am never one to commit.

Basically I am 25 and a bit of a family man with a long term partner and a daughter. My late accepting of who I am is certainly going to throw up some interesting challenges. But because of this I don't think I'll ever make the full transition. But I am happy to dabble and see what happens. Although my main aim is to just try and become a bit more comfortable in my body.

So like I said. I am quite late to this. A few years ago I realised that looking at pictures online that could be classed as gay pornography might mean I am bi-sexual. And so within the past few months I've realised that wishing I had been born a girl and not having a penis or testosterone flowing through my body might mean I am or intend to be transgendered. 

So this weekend I came out to my partner, for the third time in our relationship. The first time was when I told her I was bi-sexual, the second time was when I told her I was a crossdresser and then finally that I might be trans.  She took the news well and told me that she was fully expecting this day for me to tell her. She is still happy to be with me, and still share her make-up (She always has). Although there may be some barriers placed up in the future, but I can't see myself ever going that far. We'll have to see what happens.

Ok, I've lost my steam, I hope to update this whenever I feel like I have taken a step to my new future or I feel like sharing one of my many self-denial stories from when I was growing up.

Now I just wait to see the GP. The appointment is on my birthday, not that that has any significance.


  1. It's never too late. I'm 28 and finally starting too. Now that more therapists and doctors have had experience with trans people, and more information is out there, the "decade long transition" seems to be narrowing significantly, and seems limited more by personal finance than gatekeepers.

    And hell, even if it takes a decade, it'll be a decade on your terms.