Thursday, 5 May 2011

So I've come out to most of the important friends and family. Only 2 people left.
Friends went well, I doubt they will read this even though i came out to one of them kind of via twitter and I am unsure if he got it or just followed because what the hell it's Liam.
The other friend went well and another one has known for like a year now.
One main friend left, everyone else I can take of leave their reaction. I'd hate to leave the main friend though as if he is cool with this he would be pissed off that he didn't find out when everyone else found out....

I came out to my mum and step-dad and that went well. My mum is a valuable resource for information as she is a nurse and used to work at a sexual health clinic in London. This didn't occur to me but she has seen it all and heard it all. So that's great.

Im pretty sure my step-dad already knew, as I think he saw the kind of porn I was looking at when I lived with them :\

Just my sister left. She should be fine, mainly she is the only person left who talks to my dad. I'd both love and hate for him to find out. I don't talk to my dad, not since he attacked me and my pregnant girlfriend. But I cant help but chuckle at the thought of his shock that everything he feared about me (and told me so again and again when i was growing up. Hello repression) kind of comes true. But in a less of a bigoted arsehole way.

So thats it. I wish to write more.

I need to write about the reasons why I felt I wasn't transgender and was just fucked up.

As well as my love/hate relationship with self-image and stuff.

Also, hello readers. please say hi. I need attention. I used to get it from those TV attention sites (I was 19/20 so sue me) some dodgy people on there that's for sure.

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  1. Never had your blog url till now but had an incline about what you were tweeting about. Good luck mate, and good on you, I bet it takes some guts.